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  • The St. Callistus Chapel and Crypys | St. Callistus Chapel at Christ Cathedral

    About the St. Callistus chapel & crypts at Christ cathedral Learn About the New Chapel DONATE NOW Be a part of the future of Christ Cathedral St. Callistus Parish God is with Us, God Loves Us. We Share in His Power. About the St. Callistus Parish, Garden Grove: Founded in 1961, the St. Callistus Parish was one of over 60 parishes associated with the Diocese of Orange County. Located in Garden Grove, the St. Callistus Parish was home to a multilingual Catholic community that regularly held masses in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. The St. Callistus Parish closed her doors for the last time on Sunday June 30th, 2013. Part of a negotiation between the Diocese of Orange and the Crystal Cathedral ministries. The transition of churches was represented through a procession on Lewis Street where the keys for the St. Callistus Church were exchanged with the keys of what would become the Christ Cathedral. The St. Callistus parish doors closed. The essence of the St. Callistus parishioners would live on. About the St. Callistus Chapel & Crypts at Christ Cathedral: Publicly launched on February 1st, 2023, the St. Callistus Chapel and Crypts Campaign aims to raise support for the new chapel and crypts that will be built in the undercroft of the Christ Cathedral. By engaging the 63 Catholic parishes in Orange County and the over 1.2 million Catholics. The OLLV Foundation (which manages the fundraising and construction for the campaign) is planning to finalize the next phase of the Christ Cathedral Campus. The new chapel and crypts will have seating for 250 people and will become the new final resting place for the bishops of the Diocese.

  • Sacred Arts | St. Callistus Chapel at Christ Cathedral

    Sacred Arts PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SPONSOR THE SACRED ARTS (714) 282-4290 DONATE NOW SACRED ARTS Sponsor one of these beautiful art pieces.

  • About The OLLV Foundation | St. Callistus Chapel at Christ Cathedral

    ABOUT THE OLLV FOUNDATION HOME - ABOUT OLLV OLLV FOUNDATION God is with Us, God Loves Us. We Share in His Power. The OLLV Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization that was founded in October of 2022 and takes its name from the Our Lady of La Vang Shrine, a testament to the 1798 Vietnamese Marian apparition. The foundation is headed by its chief executive Dr. Elysabeth Nguyen, a Christ Cathedral parishioner, longtime Diocese committee member, Silicon Valley veteran, a social entrepreneur who’s well-connected in the Vietnamese-American community. She managed the fundraising and the architectural strategies for the Our Lady of La Vang Shrine since its inception, a project that culminated on July 17, 2021, with 8,000 people attending its Solemn Blessing Day. Also serving on the OLLV Foundation board are: • The Rev. Tuyen Nguyen, founding board member and pastor, Blessed Sacrament parish • The Rev. Quang Chu, founding board member and pastor, St. Mary's by the Sea parish • The Rev. Christopher Pham, founding board member and parochial vicar, Blessed Sacrament parish • The Very Rev. Angelos Sebastian, pastor, St. Kilian, and vicar general and moderator of the curia, Diocese of Orange • Steve Pellegrini, chief finance and administrative officer, Diocese of Orange READ MORE

  • St. Callistus Chapel Pipe Organ | St. Callistus Chapel

    St. callistus chapel Pipe Organ CONTACT US IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE A SPONSOR FOR THE PIPE ORGAN. (714) 282-4290 BECOME A SPONSOR TODAY Exciting news! St. Callistus Chapel is embarking on an extraordinary venture—the installation of a majestic pipe organ. Your sponsorship can help make this musical dream a reality. Join us in harmonizing our community through the power of music. Learn more about how you can support this legacy today! *St Callistus Chapel Architectural Rendering Become a Sponsor Today St. Callistus Pipe Organ Opportunity WANT TO LEARN MORE? Join our email list. St. Callistus Chapel Pipe Organ Interest Form Enter your contact information to learn more about the Pipe Organ. Submit

  • St. Callistus Events | St. Callistus Chapel at Christ Cathedral

    St. Callistus events Come Join us To Learn More About the St. Callistus Campaign DONATE NOW July 5th, 2023 St. Callistus Groundbreaking Celebration The St. Callistus Chapel groundbreaking celebration represents the start of the construction for the new chapel and crypts at Christ Cathedral. Thank you to Bishop Kevin Vann for your blessing. ​ If you missed the event, please click the button below to watch the recording. ​ Groundbreaking Highlights Come Support Us at Mass! For the past three weeks, the OLLV Foundation has been working on the launch of the St. Callistus chapel and crypts campaign. A big Thank You to Bishop Vann and Bishop Freyer for your prayers and support. ​ Visit our booth at the Christ Cathedral Parish during Saturday Vigil mass or all day Sunday. February 1st, 2023 Saint Callistus is Back! Today, we mark the start of the St Callistus chapel and crypts campaign at Christ Cathedral. Located at the undercroft of Christ Cathedral we welcomed the press and original St. Callistus Parishioners to learn about the project and witness the beginning of the chapel that will be built below the cathedral.

  • Niches | St. Callistus Chapel

    St. callistus chapel niches PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE A PART OF THE PHASE I NICHE PROGRAM (714) 282-4290 DONATE NOW ST. CALLISTUS NICHE PRIORITY ACCESS OPPORTUNITY Reserve Your Eternal Resting Place at St. Callistus A donation of $20,000 or above will give exclusive access to priority registration to purchase a niche in our beautiful new chapel. St. Callistus Chapel Niche Interest Form Submit

  • Liturgical Items | St. Callistus Chapel at Christ Cathedral

    Liturgical Items PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SPONSOR THE LITURGICAL ITEMS (714) 282-4290 DONATE NOW LITURGICAL ARTS Be a part of the legacy and sponsor these items.

  • Meet The OLLV Team | St. Callistus Chapel at Christ Cathedral

    The st. Callistus chapel campaign is managed by ollv foundation. Meet the OLLV Team OLLV TEAM Gallery The OLLV Foundation Team CEO ​ Elysabeth Nguyen, Ph.D 714-282-4291 Executive Assistant/Marketing Coordinator Terry Owens 714-282-4294 Accounting Denise Pham 714-282-4292 Donor Relations/Data Manager Trang Nguyen 714-282-4293 Administration Kevin Luu 714-282-4295 Events Planning/Promotional Programs Chinh Pham 714-282-4295 Community Outreach and Merchandising Krystal Pham 714-282-4295 Social Media/Public Relations Jacob Sappington 714-282-4295

  • About St Callistus | St Callistus Chapel at Christ Cathedral

    THERE’S NOTHING HERE... Back to Homepage

  • About St Callistus | St Callistus Chapel at Christ Cathedral

    About St. Callistus "In the Lord's hand there is abundance of all things, because He is the Lord of powers and the King of glory." DONATE NOW ABOUT ST. CALLISTUS God is with Us, God Loves Us. We Share in His Power. Feast Day: October 14th Paintron Saint of Cemetery Workers ​ Pope St. Callixtus I was the sixteenth pope of the Catholic Church during a difficult time in Church history in terms of Roman rule, doctrinal controversies, and persecution. Pope St. Callixtus had to state the mysteries of the faith in a way that preserved the mercy of Christ while also upholding, amidst great debate, the ideal of conversion and self-discipline. Before becoming Pope, he was a slave in Rome as well as the overseer of a Christian burial ground. It is believed that he was martyred in 223 AD. Callistus was a slave, born in late second-century Rome. Callistus' Christian master put him in charge of a bank that held money for the local community. Callistus irresponsibly lost the money, either through dishonest investment or careless stewardship, and fled the wrath of his master. When pursuers closed in, he jumped into the sea, but was caught and sentenced to work in a mill. The people who had lost money from his bad investments wanted Callistus returned so that he could recover their funds. Facing mounting pressure to return the lost money, Callistus tried to collect from other debtors, who promptly initiated a brawl. After this misdemeanor, Callistus was sentenced to work in the mines with other Christian prisoners. Mercifully, Emperor Commodus granted amnesty to many imprisoned Christians in the mines, and Callistus was released. He made his way back to Rome and re-established himself in the community. Pope Victor, I gave him a pension, and Callistus' health, taxed from years of hard labor, began to recover. When St. Zephyrinus was elected pope in 199, he put Callistus in charge of a public cemetery for Christians. This was one of the first pieces of property in Rome that the Church owned, and unlike his earlier experience with stewarding money, Callistus managed the cemetery wisely. This cemetery eventually became known as the Catacombs of Saint Callistus on the Via Appia Antica. There are at least nine popes now buried there. After Callistus' excellent stewardship of this cemetery, Zephyrinus asked Callistus to serve as one of his counselors, and he ordained him a deacon. The two became close friends. When Zephyrinus died, Callistus was elected pope in 217 by most of the Christians in Rome, according to the custom of the time. He was merciful in dealing with sinners, reversing excommunications and working to preserve orthodox Christianity against various schisms and heresies. He has also been credited with the official implementation of the Ember Day fasts.

  • St Callistus Chapel | Garden Grove | OLLV Foundation

    FIND A WAY AND PURPOSE Welcome to the St. Callistus Chapel And Crypts Campaign LEARN MORE DONATE NOW st. callistus construction update ST. CALLISTUS "In the Lord's hand there is abundance of all things, because He is the Lord of powers and the King of glory." Pope Callixtus I, also called Callistus I, was the bishop of Rome (according to Sextus Julius Africanus) from c. 218 to his death c. 222 or 223.[3] He lived during the reigns of the Roman emperors Elagabalus and Alexander Severus. Eusebius and the Liberian catalogue list his episcopate as having lasted five years (217–222). ABOUT ST. CALLISTUS STORY OF THE OLD ST. CALLISTUS PARISH Staying Strong and Kind to Others Means Being Christian The St. Callistus parish could be considered the foundation of the Christ Cathedral. Founded in 1961, the first mass for the St. Callistus parish was celebrated in a roller rink. The history of this parish ran deep and the significance of the start of the parish birthed the nickname “Holy Rollers” for the original worshipers of the parish. Learn More CHRIST CATHEDRAL God is with Us, God Loves Us. We Share in His Power. Today the Christ Cathedral campus, among other enterprises, includes Christ Cathedral Academy, serving children in grades pre-K through 8th grade; the Diocese Pastoral Center, home to the Bishop of Orange; the Freed Performing Arts Theatre; world-class art and spiritual exhibits; Crean Tower and its 52-bell carillon; Cathedral Memorial Gardens, the final resting place for Rev. Robert and Arvella Schuller, restaurateur Marie Callender, and pianist Roger Williams; the Tower of Hope, home to the New Hope Ministries 24-hour telephone counseling service, and KCEO Radio, the Diocese’s station featuring content from Relevant Radio network and reaches as many as 6.8 million listeners. ABOUT US THE COMPASSION Staying Strong and Kind to Others Means Being Christian DONATE NOW DONATION FORM Help build the chapel and crypts. Submit

  • Donate | St. Callistus Chapel at Christ Cathedral

    Donate DONATE TO THE ST. CALLISTUS CHAPEL AND CRYPTS PROJECT DONATE NOW DONATION FORM Strengthen Your Faith by Giving Back Submit Thanks for submitting! THE COMPASSION Staying Strong and Kind to Others Means Being Christian DONATE NOW

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