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St. Callistus events

Come Join us To Learn More About the St. Callistus Campaign

July 5th, 2023

St. Callistus Groundbreaking Celebration

The St. Callistus Chapel groundbreaking celebration represents the start of the construction for the new chapel and crypts at Christ Cathedral. Thank you to Bishop Kevin Vann for your blessing. 

If you missed the event, please click the button below to watch the recording.

Come Support Us at Mass!

For the past three weeks, the OLLV Foundation has been working on the launch of the St. Callistus chapel and crypts campaign. A big Thank You to Bishop Vann and Bishop Freyer for your prayers and support.

Visit our booth at the Christ Cathedral Parish during Saturday Vigil mass or all day Sunday.

February 1st, 2023

Saint Callistus is Back!

Today, we mark the start of the St Callistus chapel and crypts campaign at Christ Cathedral. Located at the undercroft of Christ Cathedral we welcomed the press and original St. Callistus Parishioners to learn about the project and witness the beginning of the chapel that will be built below the cathedral.

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